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Vision & Mission

“Be together for Water & Sanitation Secure Bihar.”
To unite best of expertise, resources and ingenuity to address water & Sanitation related challenges in Bihar with a special focus where needs are greatest.
The Goals of the Viswash are to ensure sustainable water management that benefits the environment and all people of Bihar, with particular attention to gender & Socio economic considerations, through:
  • Improving the quantity, quality and accessibility of water, sanitation and hygiene services to promote better health & improved quality of life of people in Bihar.
  • Advancing integrated water resources management to conserve and restore watersheds, to curb pollution, to adapt to climate change, and to reduce risk from floods and droughts.
  • To work for restoration of the dignity of river Gages by lobbying against the practices that pollutes the river.
  • Increasing efficiency and productivity of water use to boost agricultural and industrial output and conserve water.
  • Improving governance for economic, environmental and social sustainability through stronger public and private institutions, policies and processes.
Typically our identified priorities are under these categories are:
  • Knowledge Exchange: The Viswash facilitates knowledge exchanges between communities, organisations and expertise.
  • Convening:The Viswash wish to builds coalitions and convenes different actors around thematic priority areas identified by members and stakeholders.
  • Partnership Development & Management: The Viswash members collaborate to bring the best of expertise together to address a key challenge in thematic areas such as WASH, Integrated Water Resource Management, water security and risk and others.
  • Advocacy:Viswash advocates Citizens duty & realization of entitlement towards water and sanitation.Viswash advocates restoration of the old glory of river Ganges.
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