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Networking & Partnership Experience

Viwash had has been supported by several national and international organizations of WASH sector. Reputed international network like FANSA and agencies like Water Aid and GSF had has supported its initiative. Viswash is enough fortunate since it is coordinating the affairs of FANSA (Fresh Water Action Network of South Asia) here in Bihar. It represents the state in all initiative of FANSA. Viswash has partnered along with GSF Bihar Project (A UN Fund for promotion of Sanitation and Hygiene) which has recently been launched for strengthening NBA implementation in Bihar. Viswash has coordinated with agencies like Plan India, Population Services International, Green Peace and many reputed organizations for attainment of its goal. Viswash get input from grass root organization and share them with important player of this sector. Viswash aims to connect people and resources by making information easily accessible and leveraging the assets of partners to offer a range of demand-driven solutions tailored to water & sanitation needs.

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